Gresham police officers had been a part Teamsters Local #223 for untold years. Our monthly dues went to the Mega Union, leaving us no say in where the funds went, and most went to the Washington, DC headquarters.

We outgrew that union’s ability to serve the members’ individual & collective needs. In 1990 officers elected to decertify from the organized union and form our own Association. In doing so, the new Gresham Police Officers’ Association retained a law firm specializing in labor law. Garrettson, Goldberg, Fenrick & Makler served us well.

Being an independent Association, our dues go directly back into our own accounts – to be used as we deem necessary.

Through the years, there have been peaceful times and tumultuous times. Some chiefs and commands have been understanding and, like us, sought harmony, professionalism and peaceful resolve. At times there has been chaos with the President and Executive Board spending a great deal of time dealing with everything from intense, frequent personnel battles to endless ‘brush fires.’

The law firm Code 3 Law (formerly Makler, Lemoine & Goldberg) act as General Counsel and provide us all with legal representation, advice and guidance.

Gresham Police Officers’ Association presidents have been:

1990-1991       Robert Galbreath
1991-1996       Paul Poitras
1996-1999       Jerome Harris
1999-2001       Ron Crump
2001-2009      James Paddock
2009-2011       Wallace Coon
2011-present   Mathew Fagan

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